Article/Research Paper/Reports


African In India: Pictures That Speak Of A Forgotten History


Indian Arms Dealers: The Defence Dynasty


Art to inspire: Ali Smith, Allain De Botton and others on the works they love
Marxist Cultural Movement in India: Chronicles and Documents
Science and maths aren’t as important as you think-History of art taught me more about life than biology
Amritsar sisters posed for painter Amrita’s ‘Three Girls’
Art does heal: scientists say appreciating creating works can fight off disease
How Gandhara art grew out of an encounter between India and Greece
Modern art was CIA ‘weapon


Bhagat Singh Is Not the Man The Right Wants You To Think He Is


Open Culture: Free books to download
In the time you spend on the social media each year, you could read 200 books
50 Indian books every parent must read to their child
‘We exaggerate the lives of our historical objects”
Weapons of Mass Instruction: Artist Creates a Tank That Delivers Books
Capitalism in the Web of Life
Speaking Volumes: The Year of the Runaways
Neit Gaiman: Why our future depends upon libraries, reading and daydreaming
Children Literature in Punjabi
The Pathan who wrote the largest Punjabi dictionary
The Spirit of Indian Painting by BN Goswami review – an out-and-out masterpiece
Free books: 100 sites to download literature
Sophia: Princess, Suffragette, Revolutionary
Ink, Mortar and Canon: A hundred essential books
‘The Brothers’, by Stephen Kinzer
Where the mind is not without fear
Reading Jhumpa Lahiri Politically
Brain function ‘boosted for days after reading a novel’
The fight back: Art and Activiism in Our Times
The Essential Verso Undergraduate Reading List


The Right-wing Populism That Drove Brexit Can Only Be Fought With A Genuinely Radical Alternative


Bhagat Singh: A Media Role Model
Of Bangay and its famous son


My father’s work was never published. Now he’s gone, what happens to his words?’


A mad world: capitalism and the rise of mental illness
Neoliberalism-the ideology at the root of all our problems
Neolibralism is creating loneliness. That’s what’s wrenching society apart.
Capitalism in the Web of Life
Philantrocapitalism:Gates, the World’s Largest and Most Powerful Foundation
Capitalism: A Ghost Story
Capitalism vs. Democracy
Capitalism: A Structural Genocide


On average, a Dalit woman dies 14 years younger than one from upper caste: UN report
Indian media wants Dalit news but no dalit reporters
Internal Caste Cleavages among Dalits in Punjab
A Revolutionary Dalit voice in Punjab’s Hinterland
The untouchable by Shahid-e-Azam Bhagat Singh
Jaipur festival dedicates sesson to Punjab’s Dalit Icon
Out Damn Caste: Mari Marcel Thekaekara
Dalits in Punjabi are beginning to assert themselves through communal farming
The hidden injuries of caste: south indian tea workers and caste
Urban and rural continue to be treated as contrasting categories in India
Blame poverty and bias: 53% of all prisoners in India are Dalits, Muslims and tribals – Firstpost
Long Range of Prejudice: you can take Indians out of India; you can’t ‘ it seems, take caste out of Indians
Biggest caste survey: One in four Indians admit to practicing untouchability
India’a shame
Just 5% of Indian marriage are inter caste
No Right Turn
A rightward shift in Dalit politics
Ekta Club comes of age
India’s Caste Culture is a Rape Culture
Caste in Britain: Social-Legal Review
Caste in Britain: Experts’ Seminar and Stakeholders’ workshop
The Doctor and the Saint: Ambedkar, Gandhi and the battle against the caste: Arundhati Roy
Historiography of Caste: Some Critical Observations and Some Methodological interventions
The untold story of Dalit journalists
British Indians seek legal protection from caste system
India banned the caste system, 60 years ago but it lives on for many in Metro Vancouver
Caste discrimination to outlawed by Equality Act
The quiet grip of caste
Hidden Apartheid-Voice of the Community: Caste and Caste Discrimination in the UK


Hidden In Plain Sight: A statistical analysis of violence against children


America Is a Terrified Country


The CIA Reads French Theory: On The Intellectual of Dismantling Cultural Left
CIA admits role in 1953 Iranian coup


The East India Company: The Original Corporate Raiders
The Bengal Famine:How the British engineered the worst genocide in human history for profit
In Canada every system of oppression is organized around settler colonialism


Only Mass Movements Can Fight Hindutava, Not Electoral Alliance
1984 Massacre: How Senior Leaders from the Congress Sanctioned the Organized Violence
The Foreign Exchange of Hate: IDRF and the American Funding of Hindutava
Gujrati Muslims can forget Godhara, but what about these economic figures?
More than 2,500 people killed in riots in last decade
Gujarat Riots: A Desperate Email for Help and Police Inaction


Women pioneered computer prgramming. Then men took their industry over.


Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Receipts


Syngenta and Bayer sell ‘dangerous’ pesticides in India
Cancer drug for rich western patients, not Indians: Bayer CEO
Enbridge Buy the Hamilton Police Department
TransCanada is Secretly Briefing Police About Keystone XL Protests
U.S. Senate shouldn’t appease Apple’s tax avoidance: Olive
State of Corporate Power
Apple’s Web of Tax Shelters


CIA’s Trojan Horse enters the Heart of India


A Revolutionary Dalit voice in Punjab’s Hinterland
Ritwik Ghatak’s thesis on Culture
The Future of Folk in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Popular Culture and Ideology: The Phenomenon of Gadar
Why Are Some Cultures More Individualistic than Others
Walter Benjamin: Culture and Revolution
Perhaps Culture is now the counter culture


Sri Lankan Tamils around the world have built an online library to replace one torched in 1981


Ghar – Javed Iqbal


Johann Hari & Naomi Klein: Does Capitalism Drive Drug Addiction?
Drugs in Punjab
Narcosis, language and Punjab
Indian State Finds Itself in Tight Grip of Addiction


China overtakes U.S. as the world’s largest economy
The IMF Confirms: That ‘Tricle-Down’ Economics, Is, Indeed a Joke
‘PostCapitalism: A Guide to Our Future’ by Paul Mason
Wealth doesn’t trickle down – it just floods offshore, research reveals
What are we willing to pay for the society we want?
The canadian court case that the mainstream media will not cover
How Huge Companies Like Apple Are Actually Parasites on America’s Tech Industry
Author Donald Gutstein reveals extent of Harper revolution in new book Harperism
India by the numbers: Change on the margins
The new shock doctrine: ‘Doing Business’ with the world bank
Not Capitalism 2.0 or 3.0, but a whole new operating system


36% rural youth can’t name India’s capital, finds survey
World Bank warns of education crisis in India, raises fear of lower wages
How India went from World’s Education capital to Depth of Illiteracy
How Humanities Can Help Fix The World
India to take 126 years to reach global education standard: report
Minute on Education (1835) By T. B. Macaulay
Attention, Students: Put Your Laptops Away
Most Educated States in India
Students in Debt, Professors in Povert – What is going wrong?
India, a knowledge society – A joke?
Only 8.15% of Indians are graduates, census data show
One-teacher virtual schools has 68,000 students
Aspirational parents condemn their children to desperate, joyless life
Academic Outcomes of Public and Private High School Students: What Lies Behind the Differences?
‘The next generation of tech talent needs to be educated in history, classics and languages
End war against teachers
Professors on food stamps: The shocking true story of academia in 2014
Teaching Class
Mother Tongue is the Key to Education, Knowledge, Science and English Learning
India tops in adult illiteracy: U.N. report
Crowded Out of Ivory Tower, Adjunct See a Life Less Lofty
MooCs could revolutionize education
Are Ph.Ds an academic dead zone?
Online University of the Left


This free online encyclopedia has achieved what wikipedia can only dream of


What is Enlightenment? – Immanuel Kant


It’s Time to Rethink the Relationship Between Borders and Climate Change
Just 100  companies responsible for 71% of global emissions, study says
The human and animal costs of India’s unregulated coal industry-BBC
Punjab Autistic Kids Have Hight Heavy Metals
Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?
Whitefly destroys 2/3 of Punjab’s cotton crop, 15 farmers commit suicide
Making the case for effective climate policy
NASA – Nasa Satelites Unlock Secret to Northern India’s Vanishing Water
India’s Bellandur Lake Is So Polluted, It Caught Fire
Indian minister promises to tackle conuntry’s acute air pollution problem
Inside Beijing airpocalypse – a city made ‘uninhabitable’ by pollution
Farmers Fight Coca-Cola as India’s Ground Water Dries up
How the People’s Climate March Became a Corporate PR Campaign
Lakes across Canada face being turned into mine dumped sites
For Indian who confronted mining industry, the ‘Green Nobel’
Activists plot how to block new pipelines in BC
Just 90 companies caused two-thirds of man made global warming emissions
How science is telling us all to revolt
Why I’m Standing With First Nations Stop Climate Change
Naomi Klein: Green groups may be more damaging than climate change deniers
An avoidable environmental tragedy in India
Historic and future increase in the global land area affected by monthly heat extremes
Extreme heat waves to quadruple by 2040, study says
Environmentalist must redefine what ‘progress’ means
Tar Sands exploitation would mean game over for climate, warns leading scientist
Mining the World to Death
Calgary’s Manhatta Moment
Man-made reasons for Uttarkhand disaster
Survey throws up questions about reverse osmosis
100 million to die by 2030 if world fails to act on climate
India’s generation of children crippled by uranium waste
How Clean is Your Cloud


Highway knocks at poverty’door, poverty looses
Life four weddings and four funerals later
On the ‘Cancer Traon’ of India’s Pesticides
Punjab acquires 10,000-hectares agri land annually
Radical U.N. Report Promotes Democratic Control of Food and End to Corporation Domination
Farmers have decreased, farm labourers increased: census report
‘Land rights’ rally: Mass mobilisation takes off against feudalism
Farmers’ suicide rates soar above the rest- P Sainath
Every Thirty Minutes, Farmer Suicides, Human Rights And The Agrarian Crisis In India
Development Report #15: A bitter Harvest: Farmer Suicides in India
India Farmer Suicides: A Lesson for America’s Farmers


How feminism became capitalism handmaiden – and how to reclaim it


Bigotry And Islamophobia In Bhansali’s Padmavat
‘Rape is a rampant issue’; taboo drama Verna battles the censor in Pakistan
Censor board flags usage of words ‘cow’, ‘Gujrat’, in documentary on Amartya Sen
Syncretic Cinema in Saffron City
NFDC releases restored classics and experimental films on online platforms
Fight the power: documententaries to unleash the activist in you.
Watch Dangal, Uncover the logic of contemporary right wing ideology
“Life is not only about filmmaking.”
Regional Movies: What after “Jatt & Juliet”
Day Shall Dawn: rare chance to see Pakistan’s lost avant-garde classic
Download 6600 Free Films from The Prelinger Archives and Use Them However You Like
A Hinduism that is the mirror opposite of Hindutava
‘Whenever I lost courage, my life become a meaningless burden’: Balraj Sahani to JNU students, 1972
9 Upcoming Movies That Prove 2016 Will be a Year of Women Centric Movies
10 Films of 2015 That You Should not Have Missed At All
Films pushing for change
Taking the best of cinema beyond India’s metros:Why the Gorakhpur Film Festival matters
The film stars
Oliver Stone’s American history: ‘We are not under threat. We are the threat’
Real cinema with real emotions
Whoa, Pentagon Influences TV shows
The Top 100 Documentaries We Can Use To Change the World
Navjeet Kaur: I won’t make anarkali suits, imperfection is my thing
In Bollywood, storylines remain backward on caste
Lights, camera… emotions
“I wait for accidents that bring my films closer to life”- Gurvinder Singh
Understanding The Most Powerful Pakistani Film of All Time
India’s Daughter: ‘I made a film on rape in India. Men’s brutal attitude really shocked me’.
PK succeeded as makers had high stake in ensuring its right to exist
Manto created characters with great empathy, but how do you encapsulate his life story?
Video: After screening is halted, Anand Patwardhan releases ‘Ram Ke Nam’ on YouTube.
Labor Film Databse
Film on travails of Vidarbha farmers on oscar list
Chaitanya Tamhane talks about “Court” that won two awards in Venice
“Court” wins FIPRESCI prize
8 must-watch films to understand India’s indigenous people
Social(ist) cinema: Habib Jalib and Riaz Shahid
Will reel life be the role model for real life?
CR No. 89: A Malayalam movie that is different and refreshing
35% female characters in Indian movies shown with nudity: UN report
Indie filmmakers need to think beyond the big screen, says Pawan Kumar
Race and prejudice on celluloid
Dungarpur collaborates with Scorsee’s film foundation to hold India’s first restoration school
A Caricature of Pain
Women through a Bollywood lens
Why the government needs to build more cinemas for its people
A failed revolution
Soumitra Chatterjee on his master Satyajit Ray
‘Popular Stereotypingh
The World Before Her
Lahore Film Industry: A Historical Outline
Is indie really taking over Bollywood?
Jatt, Juliet and jameen
The World Before Her
Travelling abroad in Hindi films: The nervousness of the Global Indian
Indian Regional Art Cinema in 2013: An Assessment
The Show of Shows
Papilio Buddha would have been mutilated…
Made a social impact
I am neither an ‘activist-filmmaker nor a ‘woman filmmaker’
Remembering Activist and Folk Singer Pete Seeger
You’ve got the wrong villain, Mr. Kashyap
Her film about an ‘honour’ killing, won an Emmy. Now it’s being used to train police.
Exploring the Responsibility of Our Privilege
Punjabi Film Qissa Awarded As Top Asian Film At Toronto Festival
Up and Coming
Qissa took 12 years to make, tried for 5 years to raise money in India: Anup Singh
On a Long March: Review of Maati Ke Laal
Bhag Milkha earns $647,112 at US box office in 3 days
India French Connection at the Cannes
Indian films shine at Cannes film festival
How Bollywood transformed the face of Indian Cinema
CIA requested Zer0 Dark Thirty
Punjabi cinema, reality check
Bollywood extravaganza TOIFA comes to Vancouver – – on the backs of South Asian women
Moving Pictures: A group of filmmakers shed light on issues relevant to Punjab
Why Mumbai’s King is Such a Wonderful film
Maker of Innovative, meaningful movies
Ferraris, dope and misogyny in global village of Punjabi music
Gurvinder Singh’s Great Gift to Punjabi Cinema- Part 1
Anhey Ghorey Da Daan – A Review
Bran Baaja Baraat


Canada’s top judge says country committed ‘cultural genocide’ against indigenous people
From Indigenous Socialism to Colonial Capitalism, Examining Native History of a Settler State
Half of First Nations kids living in poverty, new study finds


10 things you need to know about the global food system


Inside the secret world of fortune tellers


Adani Grouup ‘SLAPP’ Push EPW Editor Out Of His Job

GIDHA (Punjabi dance)

Dance Now, Sohni Cross Now


The Sex Lives of Godmen


The Family That Buile an Empire of Pain
Health care crisis in Punjab – rise in diseases and poor state of health care system
Gabor Mate: How Capitalism Makes Us Sick


Before heritage crumbles


Salwa Judum 2.0? What a Disaster That Will be
Government agents ‘directly involved’ in most high profile US terror plots
CIA Report: ‘Torture is a crime and those responsible must to be  brought to justice.’
Dialectics of Human Rights: Pritam Singh
Where Are The Emile Zolas’ of our time
Who Are The Guilty? A Citizen’s Report
Report on Delhi Carnage of 1984 by PUDR & PUCL


Hunger is India’s greatest problem even today. So why don’t we ever hear about it?
A hungry world: Lots of food, in too few places


India is a top source and destination for world’s migrants
A Walking Tour in California Celebrates South Asian American Activism
920 illegal immigrants in US jails, majority Punjabi: NAPA
James Wood – On not Going Home
Why Canada needs a flood of immigrants
Harper’s Canada has more than one refugee death on its hands
The Construction, Mobilization and Limits of South Asianism in North America
The immigration system is not broken, it is working for corporate interests
Canada slips out of top five countries in integrating immigrants
New investigation reveals 3.4 million displaced by world bank
Refugees don’t need our tears. They need us to stop making them refugees.
Immigrant Health and Social Power: An Interview with Harsha Walia
No safe haven: Canada’s managed migration
Eight migrants die every day trying to reach richer countries, study reveals
The reassertion of whiteness in Canada: Deepen Budlakoti and Bill C- 24
New Calgary Park Named After Alberta’s First Sikh Harnam Singh Hari
Canada’s immigration system undergoing quiet, ugly revolution
Fear of Migrant Workers Is Xenophobia
How Canada keeps some immigrants women in their place
“We worried five workers alive”
At Work Inside Our Detention Centres
Migration and Divisions: Thoughts On (Anti-) Narrativity in Visual Representation of Mobile People
Conservative citizenship-stripping bill barbaric and pointless
Census: Canada language landscape altering with increasing immigrants
Census: The languages of Vancouver and other major Canadian cities
Bilingualism growing, but not in French and English
Dominance of French and English language shrinking, census shows
Made in Canada: How the Law Constructs Migrant Workers’ Insecurity.


House conducting investigation of sexual allegations against rookie Alberta Liberal MP Kang


Reward Work, Not Wealth- Oxfam 2018
Everyone in India thinks they are ‘middle class’ and actually no one is
India Has A Massive Inequality Problem And It is Not Doing Enough To Fix It
Richest 1% is about to own more than everyone else put together. Oxfam
Income Gap, Meet the Longevity Gap
Working for the few:Political capture and income inequality
Oxfam: 85 richest people as wealthy as the poorest half of the world


Economic Impact of International Education in Canada-2016
Economic Impact of International Education in Canada


New Google Alogrithm restricts access to left wing progressive websites
Google’s Neutral Machine Translation launched for nine Indian languages
Review os Schiller, Dan Digital Depression: Digital Technology and Economic Crisis
24% of Web Content is Now in Chinese, will soon surpass English
Google search manipulation can swing votes in Indian elections
The NSA and Its Corporate Partners
Revisiting Global Internet Governance in the Light of NSA
The Internet is Slaying the Middle Class
Government Orders You Tube To Censor Protest Videos
Wikipedia Executive Director to step down


Mewa Singh’s Trial Transcript
Komagatsa Maru at 100- The Politics of Fashion
A Salute to the Fighters of Komagata Maru
Opinion: Reconciling injustices in pluralistic Canada


History of Punjabi speaking Jatts


Bahujan discourse puts JNU in the crosshairs


Liberal Lahore


Another People: The life and verse of revolutionary Lal Singh Dil


The man who ‘discovered’ 780 Indian languages
Short Story by Ngugi wa Thiongo translated in to over 30 languages
Why Teach English?
Public Books – What Global English Means For World Literature
Politics of division
India speaks 780 language, 220 lost in last 50 years – survey
No Punjabi please! We are Muslim Punjabi
Punjabi as a catalyst for regional and global trade
India’s many languages are an advantage not a roadblock
When languages die, ecosystems often die with them
Scripted wall of Punjabi
The Politics of Privilege inPakistan: The Case of Urdu


The library revolution
Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming
From Alexander to Babel


The Deceptive Charm of Lit Fest in Times of Curbed Dissent
Transcending Boundaries: An Interview with Vandana Singh
Reading literary fiction improves Empathy
Novel Finding:Reading Literary Fiction Improves Empathy
Non-Fiction: Re-Reading of  Guru Nanak
Elif Shafak: ‘It is time we stop denigrating the public intellectual’
Homage to Punjab’s Grand Old Man of Letters, Rajinder Singh Bedi
7 Partition Stories By Saadat Hasan Manto That We Need to Re-read
Susan Sontag: a letter to Borges
The non-western books that every student should read
The feminine metaphor
The real purpose of fantasy
Why Ngugi wa Thiong’o should have won the Noble prize for literature
The long, steady decline of literary reading
Lal Singh Dil and the Poetics of Disjunction
Hemingway’s Advice on Writing, Ambition, the Art of Revision and His Reading List of Essential Books
In Mughal India, good literary taste was part of a bureaucrat’s job description
The poets we forget
50 Powerful Quotes about Poetry
Contents-Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Issue 14)
Ismat Chughtai on why eroticism in modern literature is necessary
Why Afghan Women Risk Death to Write Poetry
Devinder Satyarthi: The quest for people’s soul
Art, Truth & Politics: Harold Pinter Nobel Lecture
A little black fish (an Iranian story)
Naxalite Punjabi poet’s rare video surfaces
Leonard Cohen on Creativity, Hard Work, and Why You Should Never Quit Before You Know What It is You Are Quitting
“The Chess Players”: From Prem Chand to Satyajit Ray
Nostalgia lingers on for long: Poet Ajmer Rode
Harbhajan Singh Hundal: The poet as a Wakeful Dreamer
The carnage that shook society


Lohri legends: the tale of Abdullah Khan ‘Dullah’ Bhatti


U.K. Appoints World’s First Minister of Loneliness


Reading the Communist Manifesto Today
An Interview on the Continuing Relevance of Marx
What Shakespeare taught me about Marxism
Marx Was Right: Five Surprising Ways Karl Marx Predicted  2014
Who is the best scientist of them all?
Karl Marx’s Revenge: How Class Struggle Is Shaping The World
Why Marxism is on the rise again


India’s all-female paper goes digital to make gender taboos old news
Tele-jingoism and the Tyranny of Hashtag
On the Road to Democratic Journalism
Selective outrage on Paris journalists killings shaped by racist colonialism
War by media and the triumph of propaganda
The CIA and the Media
Shubranshu Choudhary: Giving Voice to a Ravanged, Neglected region
The Death of the Newspaper Industry
Is digital news good for us?
Mass Effect developer makes emotional plea to eliminate social injustice in games
PBS: Bought and Paid For
Toronto’s burgeoning ethnic press
Corporatocracy Is Cause of Indian Media’s ills
The Reality of Media in India
How Cable Cartels Shut Out Independent Views
Why the Paucity of Women in Media is a global crisis


Cancer drug for rich western patients, not Indians: Bayer CEO
Doctoring a Revolution


The Silence About Mental Health in South Asian Culture is Dangerous


UK arms industry: ethical concerns and alternatives
UK nuclear weapons: a catastrophe in the making
Global military spending is now an integral part of capitalism


The man who lives without money


India’s unfair obsession with lighter skin


Ki Banu Duniya Da? What will happen to the world?
Poverty, corruption and crime:How India’s ‘gully rap’ tells the stroy of real life


Over half of West Bengal Muslims Do Not Have a Job


My book holds up a mirror to the Pakistani Society using the poetry and character of Nanak: Haroon Khalid


Neo-Liberalism: the ideiology at the root of all our problems


The Dangers of the Gates Foundation: Displacing Seeds and Farmers


How Noam Chomsky is discussed


It Never Was Golden


The legend of Ruchi Ram Sahni


How India’s Nuclear Industry Create A River Death, According To Court Case Claims
UK nuclear weapons: a catastrophe in the making
Good News: US Corporation Won’t Have to Pay for Nuclear Disaster in India
Obama and Modi want to sell nuclear power to India that is too dangerous and expensive even for US


Oprah Winfrey: one of the world’s best neoliberal capitalist thinker


The untold stories of India’s Partition go public for the first time
2015 sees an avalanche of books about the Partition
Qissa took 12 years to make, tried for 5 years to raise money in India: Anup Singh
Potent Memories From a Divided India
What is ‘Partition Literature’?


“What Use is Poetry?” – Meena Alexander


Mega-Philanthropy: Charitable deeds or monopaly tyranny?


A French Philospher Considers the Kids
Critical reasoning for beginners
Critical reasoning for beginners-you tube
Philosphy can teach children what google can’t


Lal Singh Dil and Poetics of Disjunction


Do Not Resist:new film shows how us police have become an occupying army


Indians in Canada gear up to counter pro- Khalistani extremism among Canada’s politicians
What effective protest could look like?
John Pilger: Why Hillary Clinton is More Dangerous Than Trump
The gathering financial storm is just one effect of corporate power unbound
Kshma Sawant Re-Elected- Seatlle’s Political Revolution Continues
We are trying to institutionalise in justice: Arundhati Roy
Princeton Study: US No Longer An Actual Democract
Review: In the name of God
Why the rise of fascism is again the issue
In defence of the pursuit of power
Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since world war 2
Syriza’s victory: this is what the politics of hope looks like
Winning an Election Does Not Mean Winning Power
“We have to be secular. There is no choice.”
Daphne Braham: We need citizens, not just taxpayers and voters
The ideological roots of Stephen’s Harper’s vendeta against sociology
I Got 2,300 Odd votes in Sitapur, Uttar pardesh
16th Lok Sabha will be richest, have most MPs with criminal charges
Family Politics in India
India’s democratic dynasties
In India, a Political Dynasty Prospers in Power
Badal’s govt power boosts for Kairon companies
Badal-Kairon-Majitha Clan’s growing biz empire
Behind a Real-Estate Empire, Ties to India’s Gandhi’s Dynasty
Who governs USA? Elite, Interest Groups or Average Citizens?
Aam Aadmi’s missteps
The Rise of the Post-New Left Political Vocabulary
Harvest of Inheritance: Six clans that rule the state
Politics of Privilege in Pakistan
Death is now every where among Arabs -but culprits and facts are rare
Global protests grows as citizens lose faith in politics and state
“We need to overturn the system”: In conversation with alt-Nobel winner Nnimmo Bassey
New David Harvey Interview on Class Struggle in Urban Spaces
B.C. Premier apologizes for plan to win ethnic vote
Rajoana’s sister got Rs 2.2 crore in 2012: NIA
‘Pepe’ Mujica – Definitely Not your average politician


‘Teens are swapping sex for food’ in the world’s richest country
India is home to world’s 1/3rd of extreme poor population: UN Study
3 ways Humans Create Poverty
Three ways to end poverty in Canada
How poverty might change the brain
The Real Numbers: Half of America in Poverty


The incalculable cost of mass incarceration


Every business in Punjab leads back to an Akali Dal leader
Why is industry fleeing Punjab
Punjabi politics: It’s all in the family
Punjab: some of its ancinent names


Digitisation preserves Punjab regions heritage and culture


Stories of the Soil: Punjabi short fiction


Mapping our ethnicity Part 1: South Asia in Surrey
Whistleblower Shiv Chopra remembered for speaking truth to Power


An employer? No, we have a master: the Sikhs secretely exploited in Italy
The silent darama of Indian migrant farmers in Italy: “We are living a second hell on earth we never imagined.”


Disappearing students and teachers of Punjabi in colleges
Signs of Punjabi dropping off blackboards too
How did Pakistan, where Punjabi where Punjabi literature was born, come to shun the language?
Punjabi is Now The Third Language In Parliament of Canada
A Hybrid Approach used to Stem Punjabi Words


The absence in Punjabiyat’s split universe


New Census Data Shows Canadians Get Paid A Lot Less Based On The Colour Of Their Skin
When Hate Trumps Tolerance
Subtle racism is the real threat: Cole
Rich countries and the minorities they discriminate against, mapped
He Dropped One Letter In His Name While Applying for jobs
When Racism Was a Science
B C property titles bear reminders of a time when race based covenants kept neighbourhoods white
Racism alive in India: Story of Kim Barrington Narisetti, An American African professional
Skin Deep: Narratives of Racism in Delhi University
Adrian Dix: B.C. must reconcile with its past official racism against Chinese Canadians
Sharing the same difference


World refugee population hits 20 million: UN
Slavoj Zizek. The Non-Existence of Norway


Trading in Faith
Opium of the People? The Religious Heritage of the Karl Marks and the Frankfurt School
SGPC passes annual budget of Rs 993 crores
Sikh Council UK Develops Guidelines of Approach to Inter-Faith Marriages in Gurdwara


Altar Welfare: Churches Steal $71 Billion A Year From Taxpayers, Spend Little On Charity
Nonbelievers see 1947% rise in Punjabi
All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists
Raising Children Without Religion May Be A Better Alternative, Suggests New Research
Children Exposed To Religion Have Difficulty Distinguishing Fact From Fiction, Study Finds
How the right to deny the existence of God is under threat globally
Half Of Brits Say Religion Does More Harm Than Good, And Athiests Can Be Just As Moral
Pray, what wrong did I do, asks atheist teacher
Highly Religious People are less motivated by compassion than are non-belivers
Atheism a creed that needs the same religious protections of Christianity and Islam: Ontario Human Rights Tribunal


How the RSS betrayed India: excerpts from its own document will shock you


73% of households live in rural India


Photospeak- Raman: Anything but scattered
Stephen Hawking: ‘There is no heaven; it’s a fairy story’


What Secularism is and Where It Needs to Be Headed


Delhi’s shame: Incest rape on rise, fathers among offenders
High on drugs-liquor, men prey on infant, young daughters in Punjab
Capitalism, Sexual Violence, and Sexism: Kavita Krishanan
Class Societies and Sexual Violence
Defend Women’s Rights to Equality! Fight Against Rape and Sexual Violence
So what about ‘Rapist’ Hip hop


Are The Only Way to Make History For Sikhs Is To Have A Turban ON?
How a UK Sikh group spreads fake rumours to stir up hate against muslims
Census shocker: Sikhs report lowest sex ration
Sikhs of north – east, south India don’t flaunt surnames


 “We need to transform the working classes in to strong political force”


The Paradox of the Belief in a Just World


Former Facebook Executive: “you don’t realize it, but you are being programmed”
2 – Day National Workshop on Social Media held in Delhi


Canada Investment in Social Programs Now Rank Near the Bottom of The Industrialized World


Eduardo Galeano, The World Cup and the Corporatization of Soccer


India fifth -largest target of U.S. electronic Swooping
A secret no more


Trash Cans Tracking Consumer: Ad Firm Renew Told to Ditch Wi-Fi Garbage Bins


What motivates Extreme Self – Sacrifice?
Pentagon report predicted West’s support for Islamist rebels would create ISIS
The Khalistani Terrorism
Shocker: Only 1% of So called Terriorists Nabbed by the FBI Were Real


How Does the Subaltern Speak


In ‘Dark Borders’, Neelam Mann Singh Calls Upon Manto to Represent the Incomprehensible
A century on the stage
History of Punjabi Drama


Totalitarianism in the age of Donald Trump: lesson from Hannah Arendt


MPhil, B Tech seek peon’s job


27 Million Died in Russia Because Wall Street Built UP Hitler’s Wehrmacht To Knock Out Soviet Union


Nearly 90 Percent Of People Killed In Recent Drone Strikes Were Not the Target
The Drone Papers
Unicef Warns of Lost Generation of War Children Out of School
From the war front
Cost to US of Iraq and Afghan wars could hit $1.6 trillion
Malala and Nabila: worlds apart
Young Soldiers from working class background most at risk on frontline, says report
The last Ambush? Aspects of Mental Health in British Armed Forces


Top 1% control 39% of world wealth
The Global 1%: Exposing The Transnational Ruling Class


How we’re building awareness of Wikipedia in India
Four career skills students develop from Wikipedia assignments
‘Punjabis most active community on Wikipedia’
Mon Dieu! Why a French novelist gave an entire year’s royalties to Wikipedia
India Community Consultation 2014
Define Gender Gap? Look Up Wikipedia Contributors List


Preference for boys persists among South Asian Parents, study finds
On average, a Dalit woman dies 14 years younger than one from upper caste: UN report
5 women killed in January victims of alleged intimate partner violence, police say
Feminism in the classroom
How Chandigarh Geri’ Culture Feeds Harassmet of Women
Why Indian Workplaces Are Losing Women
What these 4 women characters from Indian Mythology tell us about rape culture
How Indian men are keeping women out of the workforce
“They Pull Our Dupatta’s, Throw Water At Us and Pass Lewd Comments”: Girls In Haryana Harassed On The Way To School.
Sex selection in Indian community persists despite years spent in Canada, researchers find
Study finds gender imbalance in children born to Indo-Canadian women
Punjabis ‘aborting’ female foetus in Canada too: Study
Only 5% women In India Choose Their Husbands, 80% Need Permission To Visit A Health Centre
A dark trade: Rape videos for sale in India
Temp agency work trapping immigrant women ‘in modern day slavery’
Women in film still speak less and strip more, study finds
Poor daughters rich state
Indo-Canadian women give birth to far more boys than women born in Canada
‘The War at Home’ intimate, stark portrayal of Canada’s domestic violence epidemic
Census shocker: Sikhs report lowest sex ration
8.32 Crore Indian Girls Get Married Off Before Legal Age
Women ‘to blame’ for being raped
India’s Daughter: ‘I made a film on rape in India. Men’s brutal attitude really shocked me’.
When My Indian Mom Divorced My Dad, She Becam an Outcast. It Also Saved Her Life.
Violence Against Women in Politics: A Study Conducted in India, Nepal and Pakistan
Honor Killings in India: A Study of the Punjab State
“Many women have no say in marriage”
Malala Yousafzai and the White Savior Complex
India: the Story You Never Wanted to Hear
The girls stolen from streets of India
Why is India so bad for women?
Sex ratios among Canadian liveborn infants of mothers from different countries


Opium numbs the pain for Indian pickers exploited on Italian farms
Why Ragpickers, Unrecognized and Unpaid, Are Critical For Waste Management In India
Why Are Workers At Our Richest Universities Going Hungry?
Temp agency work trapping immigrant women ‘in modern day slavery’
Digital Labor and Imperialism
The shame of our disposal workers
Status of Workers, Labour Laws and Workers’ Movements in India
Capitalism’s unfree global workforce
Old India’s Village of Warriors Becomes Birthplace of Bouncers
Are adjunct professors the fast-food workers of the academic world?
Death toll among Qatar’s 2022 World Cup workers revealed
Women making $70 Shirts In Factory Paid Under a Dollar An Hour
Bank of Canada governor urges jobless young Canadians to work for free
McDonald’s foreign workers call it ‘slavery’
Canada: Mexico found guilty of blacklisting pro-union migrant workers
Tetley Tea workers exploitation
As a doctor, I know too well why the minimum wage needs to rise
Disrupting the Disruptions -Working at sucks.
In the name of Love
Largest Civil Disobedience in Walmart History Leads to More Than 50 Arrests
Who Really Benefits from Sweatshops
1300 migrant workers sent back dead in five months
Spinning tragedy: The true cost of a T-shirt
Ontario minimum wage workers on the rise, study finds
As Its Laborers Die, Qatar Fights to keep World Cup
Massive Nationwide Walkout By Fast-food Workers Signals Growing Backlash Against Low Wage Employers
The politics of global production: Apple, Foxconn and China’s new working class
A Suicide survivor: the life of a Chinese worker
21 hours
Unpaid Internship Exploit “Vulnearable Generation”
The Bhaiya Express to misery
Bell accused of breaking labour law with unpaid intern
Union Membership Decline Boost Corporate Profits at Workers’ Expense, Study Says
Global youth unemployment set to rise
Exploited labour: Migrant workers in Italy’s agricultural sector
No hope of a life of dignity for these bonded labourers
China in Revolt
Apartheid did’nt die in South Africa


World Bank Whistleblower Reveals How the Global Elite Rule The World


Ten Rules of Writing
John Berger: ‘Writing is an off shoot of something deeper’


Young India Says ‘Yes’ to Military Rule, ‘No’ to Inter-Religious Mingling, Survey
Dear Youth of Punjab – Khushwant Singh


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